Thursday, February 24, 2011

HDC Council speak - not plain english

I saw something in the Medium Term Plan. This was about the special reserve created by the Conservative administration. This eventually allocated £1.9 million for what? The MTP for 2010/11 said:
The report further went on to say:
This is all rather vague. In the MTP for 2011/12 the reason why this money was allocated is more precise:
So the fund was there to spend on staff redundancies such as the David Monks reported payoff of £139,000. Local Government looks after itself first. Council Taxpayers come second. In itself providing a fund for redundancies isn't a bad thing. Ensuring the money is there helps to make decisions. If the original intention was to use most of this money to payoff the Chief Executive and make other redundancies why not say that in the first place!

Time and again this Conservative run Council lets down the council taxpayers with all this double speak.

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