Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Djanogly believes CAB has a dozen or more funding streams?

Our MP, Jonathan Djanogly, who is an under-secretary for state for Justice was answering questions to the Justice Committee in its inquiry into Access for Justice.

In his evidence our MP, Jonathan Djanogly, said:

At 11:34:15 "Most of CAB's money comes from local government.......although the average CAB will have about a dozen or more funding streams."
This is news to the Huntingdonshire CAB. In their 2009/10 Accounts they stated:
Djanogly wants organisations such as the CAB to run a mediation service whilst his Conservative colleagues at Huntingdonshire District Council are cutting their funding to the Citizens Advice Bureau. Well what do expect from our MP who lives at his main home in Westminster.

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dodgydriveruk said...

Exactly....the man is out of touch...has anyone seen him in in the constituency 2011?