Friday, May 28, 2010

Councillors defeated over play areas?

As reported earlier, an OSC has been looking into changing the way HDC funds play areas. The Conservative run HDC cabinet was minded to move the whole expense of play areas to the Town/Parish Councils. 

In response to the rebuff by the cabinet OSC chairman Cllr Steve Criswell said: "In the current financial climate and with the drastic level of debt the Government will have to repay, local authorities will have some very difficult decisions to make."

The real reason behind this moving of costs to the Town Councils is the £6.1 million budget deficit which needs to be tackled. It is not the Governments fault this deficit arose. The Conservative run HDC is at fault for running up this deficit and its inability to tackle this mess.

But these comments run deeper. All District Councillors should know what a financial mess the District Council is in. Yet the ruling Conservatives have these ideas which would keep increasing the deficit.  Madness! Pure Madness!!

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