Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Crawling in the pool of despair

The outdoor swimming pool saga drags on. The Swiming Pool Trust is now is to meet an unnamed party to discuss a "potential offer". So no offer has actually been made!

Just don't get your hopes up. Too many times this project has been given false dawns with some Councillors talking up the project for it only to fail.

Once again these decisions are being taken in secret. It wouldn't take much for the SNSPT to keep the Town properly informed on what is going on. But they won't. The Swimming Pool Trust is now 115 day late in submitting its accounts and report to the Charity Commissioners. I doubt SNSPT will ask the public. Everything will be kept secret.

I will point out to the charity that: "The main object of the charity is to provide swimming pool facilities for the use of the inhabitants of St Neots and the surrounding neighbourhood." Splash facilities for kids is not a swimming pool. I would define a swimming pool facilities to include a pool in which an adult can swim in.

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