Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Is dementia care one of the first cuts?

The County Council has decided to stop the block contract for day care for people with dementia and Healthcare Homes decided this wasn't profitable and has decided not to renew.

The effect is the County Council has decided it will not pay for this service and it is therefore a cut. This is the first of many cuts to come.

So how have local Councillors reacted to this cut?

Cty Cllr Catherine Hutton said: " was "not ideal" but it was not a decision taken by the Council"

Err...yes it was. The County Council decided it wanted to pay less and Healthcare Homes decided it wouldn't continue at the reduced price

SCDC Councillor for Gamlingay, Bridget Smith, said: "I was horrified to learn about these closure plans". "This is grossly unfair".

So where would you find the money?

Fiona Whelan, Liberal Democrat spokesman on Adult Care Services said: "This is extremely worrying news". "The county council must look closely at this whole issue and work to find a way to keep these centres open".

So where would you find the money?

Is this going to be the future? A future of cuts and councillors hand ringing over these cuts. There are going to be even more cuts to services and as these get deeper this handwringing will continue.

The County Council does its best to muddy the waters over this issue. The County Council informs us the NHS Community Services Trust will " everything in its power to meet their wishes.". As these services are paid for by the County Council it is very obvious the "everything in its power" phrase doesn't mean being able to keep these day centres open!

Each Council knows what is needed to be cut. Our Councillors should know what needs be cut. There a choices to be made over these cuts. Handwringing and blaming others doesn't make for good decisions. What needs to be happen is the truth, however unpalatable, needs to be told. Many more cuts are to come. 

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