Saturday, May 22, 2010

A question to the Town Meeting about SNCC and SNTC

I asked the following question of the Town Council:

The St Neots Community College has been in special measures. What extra resources has the Town Council provided to this school?

The answer I received was the following:

"St Neots Community College is not within the remit of the Town Council but is administered by the County Council."

The reason I asked this question is I received a Liberal Democrat leaflet at the 2009 County elections. In this leaflet Cllr Julia Hayward and Martin Land were saying the following if they were elected:

"Work with our Lib Dem Town Council to give additional support to the school. We have already had a number of ideas which we have already discussed with the school."

I can understand that Cllr Julia Hayward and Martin Land weren't elected. What I wanted to find out was how committed the then Leader of the Town Council, Julia Hayward, was in putting additional support into SNCC. If elected, Julia was all for giving additional support from the Town Council taxpayer. Not elected and the support from the Town Council disappeared.

I feel this type of promise is wrong.

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