Thursday, May 6, 2010

Elections 2010 - The Results

Exit polls.

The BBC, Sky and ITN have banded together to have one exit poll.

Conservatives: 307
Labour: 255
Liberal Democrats: 59 has Huntingdon for the Liberal Democrats but this is on only 4 votes.

I'll be looking for are seats around St Neots to make comparisons. I'll also look for other comparators.

Update: Does Peter Robinson's defeat point the way to the Huntingdon result?
Update: Does Lembit Opik defeat point the way to the Huntingdonshire result?

Update: Lansley wins Cambridgeshire South. Labour vote dropped massively. More here.

Update: Conservatives hold Cambridgeshire North East and Bedfordshire North East.

Update: Conservatives hold Cambridgeshire North West.

Update: Andrew Gilbert gets a 2.7% swing from Labour to the Conservatives in Birkenhead.

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Anonymous said...

This will be a con hold,

Cant see any other result with majotity cut by 1000 votes