Monday, May 31, 2010

What land does the Town Council own?

At the Annual Town Meeting I asked a question about what land the Town Council owns and leases.

The answer I got was:

Owned land:
Shady Walk
Ackerman Street
Eaton Socon Village Green
Eaton Ford Village Green
Eynesbury Village Green
The Sydney Banks Field

Land and Buildings:
Eaton Socon Lock Up
The Magistrates Court
The Gate Lodge
The Old Mortuary
Eaton Socon Institute (Jubilee Hall)
Ex-Servicemen's Club
Eatons Community Centre
Priory Centre - 49% (51% owned by HDC)

The Town Council leases from HDC:

The Priory Centre land
6 play areas (peppercorn)
Operations Depot

The Town Council has granted leases to:

St Neots Table Tennis Club
St Neots Museum Ltd
Eynesbury Rovers FC
Reserve Forces and Cadets
Ex-Servicemen's Club
Eaton Socon Institute

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