Friday, May 14, 2010

Has Jonathan Djanogly got a Government job? The answer so far is NO! This may be down to the Liberal Democrats in the coalition and having to find jobs for them. I feel this is part of the answer. The other part is Djanogly and his expenses problems have caused him problems. Chris Grayling got demoted from the Shadow Cabinet to a junior role. Djanogly couldn't be demoted any further than being on the backbenches. 
Having given up is £300,000 pa solicitor partnership for a job in Government, he hasn't got the job. This is a rebuff. But Djanogly has only got himself to blame. I believe if Djanogly had actually held a public meeting over his expenses claims he would have gone up in most peoples estimations.

Update: Djanogly is on the lowest paid rung of the ladder and has been appoint as an Under Secretary of State at the Ministry of Justice. 

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bparker170 said...

....Gets a job in the Justice deaprtment,but if there was any natural justice Mr Djanogly would be held fully to account for his expenses "Claims" even though of course he was "Within the rules"