Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Will the Town Council ever get their information up to date?

I thought I would look up on the SNTC website the minutes for the Annual Town Meeting and the Annual Council Meeting both held on 11th May 2010. Guess what? No, don't guess what. The standard was set under Giles/Thorpe leadership. So these are currently missing. It is not a though nothing has happened. Indeed the Planning Committee minutes of 19th May 2010 have already been published. So why the delay on the Annual Meetings minutes?
The last Council minutes were for 10th March 2010. What has gone in between. The public simply don't know!
The Minutes archive is totally wrong. It says the archive is split up. It isn't and is in a right mess with minutes for meetings still missing!

Agendas are as equally important as the Minutes. But the Agendas file has just been forgotten. These were not updated at all in the last civic year. The Agenda archive is also in a mess.

Freedom of information is all very well. But if the information is not made available then what is the point. Time and again the Liberal Democrat run Town Council falls down on this. Each Council should publish a report on Freedom of Information and Records Management. When I looked this up on the Town Council website I find this:
This is wrong!

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