Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Are the Town Liberal Democrats good employers?

At the end of the Policy and Resources draft minutes 16/12/09 there is a little sentence which I feel shows that the Acting Town Clerk is getting towards the end of her tether.

"The Acting Town Clerk advised members that her work load is very heavy due to lack of staff and that this is adding to the stress within her role."

I can understand this. Giles and Thorpe cut the money needed for a replacement Town Clerk for 2009/10. Helen King was promoted to Deputy Town Clerk in mid 2008. A few months later the Town Clerk, P. Devonald, left under a cloud. Helen has been clearing up the mess since.

I said at the time that not appointing a full-time Town Clerk was wrong. The Liberal Democrats should have appointed a Town Clerk at the beginning of this year. They should have also properly resourced the effort to get the Town Council back on track.

It is unusual for an Officer to take this course of action, but not unknown. I do feel the Liberal Democrats leadership has imposed and asked much of the Acting Town Clerk. I just hope the Acting Town Clerk is being rewarded for taking on this emergency role. With the inclusion of this minute, it looks to me the Liberal Democrats are bad employers.

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