Monday, December 28, 2009

Huntingdon Conservatives finances down in 2008.

The local Conservative finances are still on a downwards trend. What will be interesting will be the accounts for 2009 and then 2010. What I always have a look at is the register of donations. Just put Huntingdon in the second line of the search box.

What the accounts throw up is whilst the Conservatives have a good balance sheet but most of the value of the association is in property. So when there are calls for an open postal primary the local Conservative Association simply couldn't afford this without selling its property.

There are a couple of questions over the relationship between Djanogly constituency office and the Conservative Office which are at the same address. Like Djanoglys' expenses I'm sure everything is above board.

I would further point out that whilst we can find out what the local Conservative Association raises, spends and owns this doesn't apply to the other local parties. Because of this the Conservatives are far more transparent than their opponents.

What will be interesting will be the 2009 Accounts.

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