Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Bringing the Town Council into the 21st century!

Whilst the Liberal Democrats have made some reforms to the running of SNTC, these reforms don't go far enough. SNTC needs is a properly delegated structured Committee System. What do I mean by this?

At the moment many decisions are taken by the Town Council as a whole. What I am proposing is the Town Council delegates decision making to properly delegated committee. Delegation means each Committee uses this power to decide on behalf of the whole Town Council.

I propose SNTC has the following Committees:

Council - Changes to the constitution. Senior Officer Appointments, Final Budget, Precept, Any decisions that cannot be made by the delegated committees. Meets every 8 weeks.
Policy and Resources - Deals with policy, resources, audit, virements, personnel, grants. Meets every 8 weeks
  Personnel Sub Committee - deals with all personnel issues when needed and reports to P and R.
  Grants Sub Committee - has a budget and makes grants within that budget.
Leisure Management - Deals with all aspects of managing the Town Council facilities including cemeteries. Has its own budget. Meets every 8 weeks.
Environment - All planning Matters - Meets monthly.

By following my proposals the Town Council would have a committee system where each Committee Chairman is effectively in charge of their committee. Major decisions should be run by the Chairman thereby allowing a large degree political control.

Those who know the Town Council will notice I got rid of the Audit Committee. This Committtee was supposed to be the "backstop". The Committee didn't work so this should go under Policy and Resources.

This will cut the time and effort needed to service the current system. This will also mean less meetings. If our Town Councillors are properly focused and prepare for each meeting they should get through each meeting much quicker. Committee Meetings should take no longer than an hour and a half. Council Meetings should take no longer than 15 minutes.

This Council decided against political proportionality on Council Committees. This is wrong. I feel political proportionality has to be the way forward where the Council is political.

The Liberal Democrat reforms pulled this Town Council out of the 19th century and into the 20th century. What we need is reforms to bring the Town Council into the 21st century.

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