Thursday, December 17, 2009

A quick review of local political websites

Having had no political literature through my door since 4th June 2009 Euro elections I thought I would look at how the local parties are doing on the web.

St. Neots Conservatives Website

The incumbent St. Neots Conservatives have moved exactly nowhere. Their site is still calling on visitors to vote Conservative on 4th June 2009.

St. Neots Liberal Democrats Webpage

The Liberal Democrats have updated their website. Well a bit. The old picture of Sam Kemp has been removed and replaced by a picture of the Town Mayor getting in an X5 coach. The content still drones on about 2008.

Huntingdonshire Green Party

Not much has changed here. The last article is dated on 6th June 2009. Green Party website.

Huntingdon Constituency Labour Party

The Huntingdon CLP website hasn't gone anywhere either.

So the activity on the local party websites in very, very minimal. No wonder voters are turned off voting.

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