Thursday, December 10, 2009

More Djanogly expenses are released

More expenses claims made by our Djanogly have been released.

The good news is Djanogly is doing as he said he would do and not claim a second home allowance.

The bad news is in ACA 2 claims for 2008/09. My point of view is very simple. Djanogly is allowed to claim for a second home. He has designated his second home as the one in Alconbury. (Page 40 gives his claim address as 8 High Street and his parish as Alconbury). My rule of thumb is pretty simple on expenses. He should claim for something which is doubled. For instance, as he lives in two places then Djanogly should pay 2 Council tax bills. He should be liable for the higher bill and the taxpayer should pay the lower one. I have no problems over his gate nor his alarm. The same goes for the TV Licence.

The problems I do have start with his utilities claims. The eye watering gas bill of £1,087.04 for one quarter is an example. If the Djanogly family moves between the second home in Alconbury and their first home in London, as indicated by Djanogly in his cleaner scandal, they live in Alconbury from Friday to Sunday. That is a very high bill for 3 day week.

Also if he is living in first home in London 4 days a week and in Alconbury 3 days a week why is Djanogly claiming all this money anyway? I live in my house and pay for my utilities 7 days a week. Djanogly is charging the taxpayer for 3 days a week out of 7. To me that is wrong!

I feel the same goes for the other utilities:

Electricity: If he is living in his second home in Alconbury, then there shouldn't be much electricity used in his first home in London.
Water: Why are the Taxpayers even paying for this? This should be metered. Therefore when in his second home in Alconbury he and his family aren't using water in his primary home in London. So why are the taxpayers paying his water bills?
Telephone: Same goes for this. Yes pay for the line, but not the calls!

The is also an invoice for £4,228.45 for: "Repairs to house/chimney spikes/tarmac road/drains/gloss and bitcherman plinth". I don't understand all this and I feel Djanogly needs to explain these expenses. Were these essential repairs or were they for repairing his own second home?

Whilst I can ask these questions, I doubt I'll ever be given a proper answer.

PAAE (formerly ACA)
Page 35
Page 38
Page 40
Daily Mail article on 3 day living

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