Monday, December 14, 2009

More on Eatons Community Centre

Having read the minutes to the Town Council meeting held on 4th November 2009, there is a long section on the Pre-school. The Council has determined they will allow Hail Weston Pre-school Charity to run the pre-school part of the building with the following conditions:
  • A £12,000 a year rent would be payable monthly. The rent will cover the cost of rent for the pre-School and gas and electric usage;
  • The terms of lease are 10 years with an annual review on 1st January each year;
  • The Pre-School lease will be an internal Self Maintaining Lease and the upkeep of the interior will be the responsibility of the Pre—School provider;
  • The Pre-School provider is required to pay a proportion of the rates of the building;
  • The Pre-School provider is responsible for the cleaning of the Pre-School;
  • The Pre-school provider is responsible for the service and maintenance of the fire equipment within the Pre-School;
  • The Pre-School provider is responsible for the cost of the telephone line and any calls made;
  • No sublet or meetings can be held within the Pre-School;
  • An annual inspection of the Pre-School will be undertaken by the Town Council staff with the Pre-School provider.
There are a couple of questions.

What about insurance costs?
As the Hail Weston operation makes a surplus of roughly £6,200 with running costs of roughly £4,200, this would be eaten up with a rent of £12,000 pa. Then there are the rates on top (though they may get rate relief on this). Whilst this is a charity, it shouldn't run at a loss. With lease so high how is the Pre-School supposed to make a surplus?
What was the business case for having a pre-school?
Also on the re-opened Town Council website......
Eatons Community Centre Open Day
There will be an opportunity to view the new Eatons Community Centre facilities on Monday 21 December.
The new Centre, situated in The Maltings, Eaton Socon, will be open from 10am-7pm. Tea and Coffee will be available throughout the day and Council Officers will be present to answer questions and show you round the building.
During the day, the Town Council will be running a raffle and silent auction for Sporting Memorabilia and Christmas treats.

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