Wednesday, December 2, 2009

60 pence for a report into what the Town Council did wrong? True!

I expected better from the Town Council under the leadership of Cllr Julia Hayward. But reading the SNTC notice board I find out that to obtain the external auditors report I have to pay 60 pence.(Available here for free) I know the Liberal Democrats find what went on under the regime of Cllrs Giles and Thorpe deeply, deeply embarrassing. I know the Liberal Democrats made Cllr Thorpe Town Mayor. (So under the Liberal Democrats you can get promotion for failure.)

If any other political party was doing this our Liberal Democrat Councillors would be screaming transparency, freedom of information etc, etc, etc. As I have said before. The Liberal Democrats can be just as dirty, and even dirtier, as the other political parties they criticise.

With the Town Council website closed down. Priorities magazine being a Town Council good news propaganda rag. The only way to find out from the Town Council what went on is to turn up and get charged 60p for the privilege of having a copy. Obviously the Liberal Democrat run Town Council wants to bury this damning report. And they want to bury it deep.

The "happy clappy" Priorities propaganda rag comes out of our Council Tax and is delivered to every house. The damning external auditors report has to be obtained from the Town Council offices at a cost of 60 pence! This is just wrong!

I know what SNTC is frightened that suddenly someone will come in an order 30000 copies. But just make it one copy per elector who turns up to the offices. Or SNTC could put it on the website.

Information that is statutory or critical of the running of the Town Council must be provided to each elector for free. A summary should have been included for each report in Priorities propaganda rag.
There is a saying: "Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves". In effect do the small things correctly and the larger projects will go right.
What I find wrong with SNTC is they can't get the small things right. Some examples:
  • 60 pence charge for the damning report. 
  • SNTC website still down with no indication when it is going to be up and running again. 
  • Now I see hints that there is a Town Council meeting tonight. Last night, I was passing the Town Council HQ and there was no agenda posted for this Town Council meeting. This is wrong!
All this does is fuels the idea SNTC is a secret organisation. The trouble is if it doesn't publish information by default it is a secret organisation.

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