Saturday, December 19, 2009

More thoughts on Djanoglys' expenses

As ever I was trawling away on ConservativeHome blog (after looking on Liberal Democrat Voice) and I found this piece from The Sun:

Shadow cabinet to repay another £25,000 after Cameron insists on continued transparency

A Tory spokesman told The Sun: "This is just the latest example of Conservative moves to ensure greater transparency and accountability in MPs' expenses. When will the Labour Cabinet follow our lead?"
The Sun Says: "Once again David Cameron sets an example to Labour over MPs' expenses. The Tories have published in full all requests to the Shadow Cabinet for repayments from expenses watchdog Sir Thomas Legg. Mr Cameron's top team will pay back every penny he requires. What a difference to Labour. They should agree to Mr Cameron's challenge and publish all payback pleas made to the Cabinet. Ministers don't seem keen. Surely they haven't anything else to hide?"

SNRednek says: "What a difference from our MP Jonathan Djanogly. On one hand we have the Conservative supporting Sun telling us the Conservatives have published in full all requests, yet our MP Jonathan Djanogly hasn't. The Conservative spokesman tells us Cameron is ensuring greater transparency and accountability in MPs' expenses, but our MP Jonathan Djanogly won't answer questions on his expenses claims.

The simple truth is what the Conservatives are claiming nationally about transparency and accountability doesn't stand up when our "first home in London" MP tries to do accountability.

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