Thursday, December 24, 2009

New Year Messages and Letters in the News & Crier

In this weeks ever excellent News and Crier (pages 6 and 7) there are several New Year messages and some letters that I want to comment on.

Djanogly New Year Message. 
Much more interesting was what he left out rather than what he included. In his New Year message Djanogly left out all references to Parliament and expenses. I feel the problem with his message shows is hasn't come to terms with what many of the public feel about his expenses claims. Far easier to move on from these problems. Unless these are dealt with they will continue to dog Djanogly until after the General Election.

St Neots Town Council New Year Message
Liberal Democrat Council Leader Julia Hayward and not the Town Mayor Gordon Thorpe wrote this message. Ramsey, Huntingdon and Godmanchester messages were from their respective Town Mayors. Is this a snub for Town Mayor Thorpe? Again this was a good news message without mentioning the 2 damning reports into the Town Council by external auditors.

Labour Gets 2 Letters In This Edition.
Bill O'Connor (Branch Secretary - St. Neots Labour) got a letter in about Djanoglys' expenses. I'm fine with that but I feel he should say he is Labour. I suppose if he said he was Labour the public might think Bell Towers and claims for mortgages that had already been paid off. I feel Bill's attacks are dented by this. I remember when Labour they were first elected, in 1997, they were going to be "whiter than white".

The other Labour letter came from Anthea Cox (Labour Parliamentary candidate) who got a letter in about the Copenhagen Climate Conference. Anthea also had a pop about the refusal of the wind farm saying that "local Conservative Councils still reject 60% of wind energy applications." A pretty much useless statistic because most of rural England is under Conservative Councils. This means many rejections will happen under the Conservatives. But there was nothing from Anthea saying she supported the application.
Of course her letter was written before the outcome of the Conference was known. The one good thing that did come out of Copenhagen was the video below:

Anyway, lets have a very Merry Christmas. And a very political New Year.


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Matt Cornish said...

To be fair to Gordon - it was our mistake over the St Neots message. He was told New Year instead of Christmas, so I had to ring up Julia to get one from St Neots before deadline. Gordon has sent a New Year's one which I'll be running next week though
Matt Cornish
News and Crier.