Sunday, December 20, 2009

PCT now goes back to fundholding.

I don't normally have a go at Labour because....well, because there is little point. The Labour Party is barely here in Huntingdonshire and they make only minimal noise at best. This £100 million in NHS cuts and the reintroduction of the Conservative GP fundholding policy cannot be left to pass without comment.
The last Conservative Government introduced GP Fundholding as a way to get competition into the NHS. This was resisted by many GP's and only a few took up this challenge. When Labour cam into power in 1997 they stopped fundholding and set up a Primary Care Trust (PCT) in each District.

But this proved expensive. PCT's were then merged into County PCT's. Now with the announcement of cuts,  Cambridgeshire PCT is going back to a larger version of GP Fundholding.

Under Labour the best part of 13 years have been spent on a series of policies. The local NHS is basically going back the Conservative policy of GP Fundholding. In my opinion Labour have wasted time and resources in pursuit of differing policies and they have ended up where they started.

The £100 million the Cambridgeshire PCT is trying to save is the tip of the iceberg of cuts that will be introduced after the General Election. Pity the PCT couldn't save all this money earlier?

Time this rotten Government and Parliament were dissolved. But Gordon won't go. I like the Guido Fawkes' blog which has Gordon Brown down as a Jonah! If not to your taste, try anyone but Gordon!

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