Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dipping my toe in the pool of despair!

There was a time when the whole thing would have been secret. With FOI, I was able to obtain one redacted document and the HDC also sent me another as a background document.

The reason why the District Council is involved in swimming pool is the fact there was a mess up over pool ownership back in 1974. Back then local government was being re-organised. The Urban District Councils (UDC) and the Rural District Councils (RDC) were being combined to form the new District Councils. In place of most UDCs and all RDCs Parish Councils were formed where there were none. In the case of St Neots a Parish Council was formed. Back in 1974 the pool should have become the responsibility of the Parish (now Town) Council and should have been transferred to the Parish Council. It wasn't.

In 1987 this error was found out. To correct this HDC entered in to agreement with either SNTC or SNSPT or both. There was a debt of £28,859 associated with the Trust which was dealt with by the District Council foregoing this in return unless the Town Council disposed of the site.

The terms of this agreement are redacted.

The SNSPT approached the District Council for consent to sell the land to put the proceeds for an "alternative recreation committee" as set out in the Trust Deeds.

These documents gets me a bit further down the road to what is going on with the land at the old Swimming Pool site. What I still don't understand is this: The Town Council owns the land. All the SNTC Councillors are  trustees of the St Neots Swimming Pool Trust. The District Council is the other part of this equation. Effectively, this is an agreement between two elected Council over a piece of land. There are Councillors who are on both Councils. So why is this so secret?

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