Tuesday, January 26, 2010

See neighbouring St Ives Town Council for how Independents do!

News and Crier headline: £270k 'missing' from accounts. This refers to the Independently run St Ives Town Council. The Independents have run this Town Council into the ground. It is reported there would be an increase of 8% in the forthcoming year and a further 20% rise in the year after that. All this is after some major cuts to the budget.

The main reason as to the problems over the budget has always been about The Corn Exchange. That is what the people of St Ives voted for. This is what they are getting.

For those fellow residents who feel local politics would be better run by Independent Councillors just look at the mess St Ives Town Council is in. The main problem is the quality of councillors and not the political system.

Huntingdon Town Crier 8/5/8 see page 9 for the Independents elected.

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