Saturday, January 9, 2010

Town Council Budget 2010/11 - The Conservative alternative?

I was listening to the SNTC Conservative Group talking about the budget at the Town Council meeting 6/1/10. To me, and I may have missed this, they didn't come forward with any specific proposals. All I get is the Conservatives would manage the Town Council accounts better. There other moan was there wasn't enough contingency in the budget.
Lest we not forget the Conservative Town Councillors were calling for a new car park for Eaton Socon Church. A waste of taxpayer's money.

Having asked questions ad infinitum over the Town Council budget I would have thought they would have come up with an alternative budget. The pie chart for the SNTC 2009/10 shows where spending goes on.

The two areas where the Conservatives could cut back are: Central Administration and Recreation, Amenities and Open SpacesLink to larger pdf file for pie chart.

All I have heard for the Conservatives is "We will manage your money better" and opposing the 2010/11 SNTC budget their line was "it doesn't have enough contingency". There were no specifics on where the budget was short in contingency nor did the Conservatives make any proposals on this matter.

I don't feel the Conservatives made a good attempt at opposing or improving this budget.

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