Thursday, January 21, 2010

New HDC website getting better but....

Looking at the HDC again I find the site is getting better. Many of the errors are being corrected and the site looks and feels is better. But there are still errors and when it comes to the political party links page this seems to have been written by the Liberal Democrats. On the website it says:

Political Parties

Councillor details can be accessed using the link on the right.

This page also details links to local political parties.

Links to the national parties can be found on these websites.

Clicking on the links to local parties I find: 

The UKIP site goes to the national site. There is a local site.

The Cambridge Green Party website link is for CAMBRIDGE. There is a perfectly working Hunts Green party site.

The Cambridge Conservatives is for CAMBRIDGE. There is a perfectly working HCCA website.

The Cambridge Labour link is for CAMBRIDGE. There is a local site for Labour.

Only the Liberal Democrat link actually points to a local website.

I know the local websites are pretty dismal but I find it strange the only local links that work are for the Liberal Democrats! There is one website that has found these local links and that is er..hum.. this one. Just look to the right and there are most of the links I can find to local political party websites. I know this can be confusing but Huntingdonshire is NOT Cambridge!

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