Friday, January 22, 2010

Will John Major campaign for Jonathan Djanogly?

According to a The Daily Mail article:

"The former Prime Minister has told friends that he regards the behaviour of Jonathan Djanogly as 'greedy' and 'inappropriate'."

A Tory with close links to the constituency party told the Daily Mail: 'John Major is very unimpressed with what has been going on.'

'He has kept silent in public but he has let it be known that he thinks Jonathan has behaved badly. It's completely inappropriate.'

'People have told Jonathan they don't approve and that John doesn't approve but he (Djanogly) keeps insisting that he did nothing wrong.'

'Why would someone with extensive share holdings want to expense £1,500 a month for a cleaner and gardener when he has a hugely lucrative job in the City as well. I tell you why - pure greed.'

So will John Major be campaigning for Jonathan Djanogly?

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