Sunday, January 31, 2010

HDC receives £10,000 grant towards finding illegal sublets

In the ever excellent News and Crier there is an article on HDC receiving a £10,000 grant to stop a illegal sublets of social housing. The Council will be working with Luminus to hunt down these individuals.

Hold on there. Isn't this the job of Luminus? Shouldn't this Registered Social Landlord (RSL) be seeking out illegal sublets? Luminus manages this housing stock and must know who is living in each property. One very good reason for having your own maintenance staff is they have contact with tenants.

With Luminus cutting maintenance staff by 19 this is going to make this tougher. The reason behind cutting staff is because other RSLs are doing the same. True. This is just Luminus following industry fashion. These RSLs who employ contractors do so because their stock is spread over regions rather than one District. But contractors doing this service aren't always the best way forward.

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