Friday, January 29, 2010

What do you think Cameron is saying to Djanogly?

Just a bit of fun!
Any thoughts? 
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Anonymous said...

Cameron 'lend us a tenner John, I need to pay my tab at the Commons Bar, you re not short of a bob or two'

Djanogly ' you must be joking, we can't even afford a gardner for our second Westminster home, have you forgotten we are in a recession?'

Anonymous said...

Cameron 'So John how are you helping the poor and jobless people in Hunts during the recession?'

Djanogly 'what recession is that Dave?'

Anonymous said...

Cameron 'Any concerns about holding your seat Johnathan?'

Djanogly 'Ha Ha very funny Dave, those idiots would vote for a dog turd if you put a blue rosette on it'

Anonymous said...

Djanogly 'Thanks for taking the time to see me Mr Cameron'

Cameron 'No problem Rowen, I've always liked you in Mr Bean'