Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Another error by Hunts Post

I was reading about of the sorry state of the Ramsey Pre-school in an article in the Hunts Post. (This is reproduced below). As the article states this Pre-school is a registered charity I thought I would use the Charity Commission public search facility to find out more about this Pre-school.
What I found was somewhat shocking. This pre-school, which pleads poverty, hasn't made returns to the Charity Commission for the last 3 years.
So why didn't the Hunts Post do this little bit of investigation? If the Hunts Post did a bit more investigating it could have had a quick look at the last filed accounts. This will show in the 2006 accounts there was £37,000 in the bank. 4 years later they are pleading poverty. The big question is where has the £37,000 gone?
The Hunts Post has done a puff piece for a "Charity" which is failing to file accounts and returns. This is wrong!

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Dave said...

I just read up on the appalling OFSTED report this group has received. http://ofsted.gov.uk/oxcare_reports/display/(id)/281954