Sunday, September 12, 2010

Is Priorities a Town Council publication?

A while ago I pointed out the cost of obtaining the annual accounts from the Town Council which is 60 pence. I pointed out the Town Council produced the Priorities magazine and had these delivered to every house at the cost to the Council Taxpayer. But if I wanted the accounts I could be charged a fee.

At the Annual Town Meeting the Town Mayor (Cllr Thorpe) took delight in informing me Priorities was not a Town Council publication. In the first edition of the Annual Accounts the Town Council informed us that it: "Published a newsletter (Priorities) four times a year."

So the Town Council went from zero to 4 times a year.

Now I've been informed the Town Council is going to change the number from 4 a year to 1 a year.

That is three different answers to the same question. The question is: Can I trust what the Town Council tells me? The answer is currently NO!

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