Monday, September 13, 2010

Town Council planning back in the spotlight

The amateur Town Council planning committee OBJECTS and the professional HDC planning department recommends approval. The 22 High Street development looks set to get planning approval by HDC. This is a move forward for this part of the Town Centre. But why did the SNTC planning committee object? Below is are the reasons given.
With Town Councillors complaining about all the shops that are vacant in the Town Centre, the Town Councillors want more retail sites?! How perverse. I don't understand what "gross overdevelopment" means when looking at the Town Centre. Isn't that the point of having a Town Centre which is crammed?

Whilst the Town Council has the right to examine and object to Planning Applications, they don't have too. I ask why do they do this? I feel it is well beyond time this waste of money is cut from the budget and the Council Calendar.

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