Monday, September 13, 2010

Should Djanogly resign?

The use of private detectives by Djanogly to snoop on fellow Conservatives members is extraordinary. Essentially this is an internal matter for the Huntingdon Constituency Conservative Association for whom Djanogly is their parliamentary candidate.

Don't expect any serious move to deselect Djanogly. With a former Djanogly employee (Simon Burton) in as Association Agent unless the Chairman (Martin Stephenson)/Management Committee/Executive Council does something this will all be brushed under the carpet with all the other problems.

What has emerged is the distrust between Conservative members and their MP. I pointed out a while back that Djanogly was effectively out of the loop on local issues. To get back into the loop he had to hire private investigators to find out information about what Conservative supporters are thinking and saying.

Either HCCA takes control of the situation or the association should be renamed "The Jonathan Djanogly Conservative Association".

Should Djanogly resign? I don't see this on its own as a resigning issue whether at Government or Parliamentary level. This is effectively an internal matter between Conservatives. The local Conservative Association should take charge of the situation. There isn't that much a Conservative Association can do. They could hold an Extraordinary General Meeting and vote on a motion of no confidence.

With the Boundary Commission for England saying all seats will be up for change it could be likely Djanogly could be a casualty of the cut in the number of MPs. For HCCA to rely on this would be a mistake. HCCA needs to take a stand rather than let Djanogly rule the association.

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Save Hinchingbrooke Hospital said...

I agree with your sentiments entirely, it is a shame the incumbent has no integrity or backbone to be able to resign and the Association is weak too. The people of Huntingdonshire are obviously happy with the Conservative Cabal that exists here as they would have voted different in all the elections, yet the members of that cabal cannot trust each other.