Friday, September 10, 2010

Town Council leaves CPALC in a fit of pique?

I was looking up whether St Neots Town Council was going to try an get its Quality Town Council status back. I therefore looked at the CPALC website. I was amazed to find that SNTC, having lost its Quality Town Council status, has also decided not to continue its membership of CPALC.

This is wrong! Many of the Parish/Town Councils in Huntingdonshire are members of this trade association. There are good reasons why. Membership opens up to mutual legal help amongst other things. CPALC also awards the Quality Town Council status locally.

Some Councils which are members of CPALC and are Quality Town or Parish Councils are: Huntingdon, St Ives, Godmanchester, Hail Weston and also Grafham. More here. Quality Status is not a prerequisite for continuing membership. There are many Parish Councils who are members. Being a member of CPALC is a prerequisite for being a member of the National Association of Local Councils.

It looks to me that SNTC has, in a fit of pique at not having QTC status, decided not to be a member of CPALC. Having got itself into trouble it would have been hard to carry on with this status and very hard for CPALC to award this status. Now, SNTC stands out like a sore thumb as NOT being part of the CPALC.

So the Liberal Democrats were alright with spending money because they got this status. Once the status is withdrawn they takeaway their membership!


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