Sunday, September 5, 2010

EVA is political!

The trouble with non-political community groups are their own actions are actually political.

"EVA actively campaigns on behalf of residents to achieve resolution of community problems and seeks improvements to local amenities and facilities." That is political to me.

Within the booklet there is a piece on the "Neighbourhood Forums". There is always a trade off between the cost of these forums (mainly officer time) and engagement with the community. HDC decided to cut the old Police Forums and combine them into one Neighbourhood Forum.

I have to say these are a waste of time and were not supported by the locals when it was held in St Neots. 6 members of the public turned up to one meeting. So I feel it is rather a bit of a joke to say that because when 1 person turned up from Eynesbury to Kimbolton then we have to have a meeting in Eynesbury.

The whole idea is Neighbourhood Forums have only been held in their headline locations. So Ramsey has only been held in Ramsey - Wrong! It has been held in Warboys. St Ives Forum has been held in Needingworth twice. So this statement doesn't stand up to close examination.

The one thing this isn't is hijacking of Neighbourhood Forums by HDC. This is moving these forums around the areas they serve.

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