Friday, September 24, 2010

Churchill v SVDK

St Neots News and Crier - 23/09/2010

I thought the "March" against the imposition of car parking charges was a part of a "political pantomime". With the Tsunami of cuts coming I didn't feel putting car parking charges at the top of the list of services not to cut or charge- 20 pence and hour and free evenings/Sundays - was the not the best option. I also thought that all this was over the top and silly. That is my opinion.

In a free country, it is our right to protest against decisions. Whether Steve van de Kerkhove is a District Councillor (Liberal Democrat) or not he should be able to use publicly owned facilities such as Riverside Park.

The problem SVDK had was this was his first go at organising this type of event. People make mistakes and so long as they learn for those mistakes then move on.

Cllr Churchill (Conservative) alleged that SVDK brought "his office and HDC into disrepute" by not undertaking a risk assessment and not completing an events application form.

This is just a rush, by Cllr Churchill, to the Standards Board over a complaint that, in my opinion, just doesn't warrant this sort of action.

If there were problems then talk to his leader or to the Councillor concerned.

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