Friday, September 24, 2010

Another lie by Conservative run HDC

Why does the Conservative run Huntingdonshire District Council feels it needs to LIE! I would have thought the Conservative run HDC would tell the truth over the deficit though it hasn't so far. Truth though goes out the window when it does come to this deficit. So what has HDC lied about. In the HDC publication - District Wide - in its September 2010 edition on page 12, HDC states the following:

Except that isn't true and HDC should know this. I went back to the meeting of the Council on 10th December 2003 where the 2004/05 budget was first presented. This shows a very different story and exposes the lie.
Before the Government capped HDC this was what the Council was looking at.
In 2003/2004 HDC was running a budget deficit of £2,965,000. A Council Tax increase of 0%.

The forecast had a increase of 133.2% increase in 2007/08.

That is the lie. HDC had opportunity after opportunity to raise Council Tax to avoid the deficit it was already running. The Government didn't stop HDC from increasing Council Tax to AVOID a deficit. HDC was already running a deficit.

So why does HDC need to lie? Well it is easier to blame the previous Labour Government than the ruling Conservative Group.

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