Friday, September 10, 2010

Djanogly snoops on own supporters!

I was going to leave Djanogly and his expenses troubles to one side as he was re-elected by the people of the Huntingdon constituency. In my view much of the information about his expenses and conduct were in the public domain and still Djanogly was re-elected. So what had gone on before, that we all knew about, was behind us and really couldn't be used as the people have spoken.

The new evidence, in The Daily Telegraph, that Djanogly hired private detectives raises new questions on Djanogly's way of doing things and his suitability as our MP. This rakes up much of the past and re-opens what was closed. It also shows how the Liberal Democrats flunked it with with Martin Land.

I have to wonder whether the Conservative Association knew he had hired private detectives to investigate members of the constituency association they would have kept him as candidate!

On the BBC website Djanogly says: "I instructed a firm of private investigators to try to find out the source of these stories because I was extremely upset that my private family life had been invaded.". Your private life was invaded because you claimed £13,962 in public money for a cleaner who worked Friday, Saturday and Sunday at  your secondary home in Alconbury. Your Alconbury home must have got very dirty at the weekends!

What I also found interesting in The Daily Telegraph article is the following:

 ". . . please be on notice that I will defend my reputation through the courts if necessary."
Djanogly also said roughly the same about the animal rights election leaflet. Nothing heard since!

"Mr Djanogly was, perhaps, aware of rumblings of discontent in his constituency, where some Tories were unhappy with the job he was doing and with the fact that he had carried on working as a lawyer."

"The other problem is his [Djanogly’s] wife who is quite rude and openly expresses her lack of interest in the Conservative Association and has been known to go to bed in the middle of dinner parties. This does not go down well in a traditional Tory constituency like Huntingdon."

"Sir Peter “confirmed he had resigned over the expenses scandal” rather than for health reasons, as Mr Djanogly had claimed at the time, while Mr Holley refused to say anything."

"They (the conspirators) claim that if Peter Down(e)s, the respected leader of the Liberal Democrats on the council, stood against you in the general election, it would be a close call."
The Liberal Democrats put up multiple Political Agent Martin Land instead.

Lets get this into perspective. Djanogly is the candidate of the Association. The Conservative Association is paramount. It looks to me that Djanogly thinks he is the Association and he is paramount. This is wrong! Has Djanogly been good for the Huntingdon Conservative Association? I think not!

The problem with all this is there anyone else who Djanogly sent Private Detectives to investigate? Can we believe his answer?


verntern said...

An excellent and astute opinion. Thank you.
Hopefully these latest revelations will stir David Cameron into sacking Djanogly as a Justice Minister (a position requiring honesty and integrity). Maybe this can be a wake-up call to the members of the blinkered Hunts Conservative Association to deselect him. Djanogly's best 'slippery eel' option is to resign.
You are correct. Peter Downes would have been an ideal LibDem Parliamentary candidate. Sadly, with this vague coalition the LibDems have lost a lot of credibility.

Save Hinchingbrooke Hospital said...

Well it just goes to show the contempt the man has for everyone, even for his own agent....
The man should do the decent thing and step down before his reputation does him harm
I await Peter Brown's autobiography as it may have some interesting content.....

Le Petit Nicholas said...

If he doesn't have the decency to resign - then most certainly the Conservative Party should deselect him. My feeling is that we need a by-election in this constituency so that we can have a new MP. Before moving here, I have been represented by MPs of all the parties and in every case I feel I have been better represented than I feel I am here even where I have not shared all the views of the incumbent.