Thursday, September 2, 2010

Liberal Democrats want to sell Leisure Centres

St Neots News and Crier - 02/09/2010

So the Liberal Democrat policy is now to sell the Leisure Centres. They also have a new policy of charging non-residents for using the Leisure Centres. Lets take a closer look at these policies.

Selling the centres - Only good if the District Council actually owns the land. Many of these Leisure Centres are on County Council land.

Franchising the Leisure Centres - As the Leisure Centres are currently losing £3 million who would take on this amount of loss? No one in their right mind. This is the problem. Council run Leisure Centres don't make money and require public subsidy. And they will always require public subsidy in one way or another. I don't feel you could give these Centres away. Maybe the Liberal Democrats can come up with a number of examples of selling these Leisure centres off.

The same goes for the idea that HDC could receive a fee from franchising. In your dreams.

And that is what these Liberal Democrats policies are! Pure Dreams.

If the Liberal Democrats want to get rid of the Leisure Centre it would be either close them or transfer them to the Town/Parish Council sector.

The interesting idea is that people from outside the District should be charged extra for using our Leisure facilities. When the Liberal Democrats were on about the Parking Charges one of the reasons for their opposition was these would deter people from other Towns from coming to St Neots. Now they want to charge. The problem with the Liberal Democrats is they aren't being consistent over their policies.

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