Sunday, September 19, 2010

Where are the Independents?

There are many out there who complain about Councils and how if they were in charge they could change the Council. For all their arguments, it isn't actually that hard to stand for Council. For Town Council a candidate needs to be nominated and seconded. Just two signatures. Hardly hard is it.

There are a number of websites for Independents. This one covers District Councillors. It is a good site with many of tools needed to run a campaign. All there for the Independent candidate willing to run.

Time and again there will be many who whinge on about our elected politicians. Instead of whinging why don't they stand themselves?

So why don't I stand? Well the reason is I value my time and will charge accordingly. The Town Council pays nil and the District about £4,400. Not very much so I'm not willing to stand unless the money is upped significantly. I don't stand by all this notion of "public service". Councillors should be properly paid for the job they do.

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