Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What happened to the Car Park protest at the last St Neots Neighbourhood Forum?

Back before 26th July 2010 some of the Anti Car Park Charges protest leadership complained there was no way to challenge councillors over the car parking charges. At the time, I pointed out there were not only Neighbourhood Meetings there was also the Annual Town Meeting that could be used.

Neither had been used by the Protesters to ask questions or make statements. In fact the St Neots meeting was only attended by a few members of the public. So the Protesters decided decided to make a noise at the next event out in Kimbolton. On their Facebook site they set up an event for this meeting.
Now the minutes/notes have been published I thought I would take a what the protesters did and achieved at this meeting. At the previous meeting there was 36 attendees. At 26th July meeting there were 48. An increase of 12 over the St Neots meeting! Reading through the notes of the meeting I found NOTHING was raised about Car Parking Charges at the Riverside.
When the Forum was asked about ANY Neighbourhood issues Riverside Car Parking wasn't even raised.
Nor was Riverside Car Parking raise for future issues to be considered.

For all the protesters hype they did nothing at this meeting. This protest was part of the political pantomime.
How is the rest of the "Protest" movement getting on. The silence is virtually deafening.

The No Car Parking Charges Facebook site: A flurry of activity on 22nd August 2010 and nothing since.
The St Neots View Facebook site: A comment on 30th August 2010 about how well the Festival went and that is about it. Obviously no other issues of concern to the people of St Neots.
Support St Neots website: This had the potential of being a good place to properly discuss issues. As with the other sites it hasn't moved.
Scrap HDC website: This site, supposedly run by Lorraine Hines, which is full of lies and misinformation has also gone very quiet.
Save St Neots website: Jon Mountfort's other site which is also full of lies and misinformation is also very quiet.

Whilst others may fall by the wayside, this blog will continue to look at politics in St Neots in a critical way without fear or favour. The other place that will continue is The St Neots Community Forum where debates about St Neots can and do happen.

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