Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cllr Thorpe's Leisure Policy further savaged

The one item that is missing from this letter is the fact that the Leisure Centres need £3 million each year in subsidy. Any private operator would need to cut costs/increase charges by this amount just to get the Leisure Centres to break even.

Where N Clare is right is over the need for the private operator to then actually make a profit from the centres. Nothing wrong in that. But this will add to the cost cutting/increase charges. Then the District will get a franchise fee! This adds to cost cutting/increase fees.

So how wrong is this policy? With a rough  income of £5 million and expenditure of £8 million this will mean a some savage price rises/cost cutting to enable this Liberal Democrat policy to come to fruition.

This is a silly, ill-thought out policy expounded by Cllr Gordon Thorpe on behalf of the Liberal Democrats. It does the Liberal Democrats no good. Serious about being in control of HDC they are not!

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