Sunday, September 26, 2010

Who has been looking at this blog?

Every so often I take a look at who has been looking at my blog. This blog, along with many websites you visit, uses Google Analytics to see who visits this site. This sounds very Big Brother and I therefore know where you live. Well NO. Google Analytics doesn't go that far down the line. But what it can do is provide general information about visitors. For instance, most of my visitors are using NTL. Or I had regular visitors from the Houses of Parliament before the election and no visits after. This has changed recently.

What perked my interest to write this article is I see the Audit Commission and Grant Thornton have recently been looking at my blog.

Audit Commission:
Grant Thornton:
What is interesting is the soon to be abolished Audit Commission has now taken an interest in this blog. What is baffling is that Grant Thornton informed me:
"We can only respond to questions raised directly to us in writing, and indeed I can't access your blog via our firm's network due to restrictions on internet use."

Obviously someone at Grant Thornton can!

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