Saturday, September 18, 2010

SNTC elections May 2011 - What of Labour?

I know the Labour Party is down in the doldrums. They did badly at the general/local elections in 2010. At the 2007 Town elections Labour didn't stand a single candidate. This helped the Liberal Democrats. So what is the Labour Party going to do for 2011? There are three main choices for St Neots Labour. These are:

1. Field no candidates. This is what happened last time. By doing this will give the tacit support for the Liberal Democrats.

2. Field one candidate in each ward. As 4 out of the 5 wards are multi-member wards this would allow Labour voters to actually vote Labour. The problem is this could let the Conservatives in.

3. Field a full slate of 21 candidates. This would be a statement of intent by St Neots Labour. This could let the Conservatives in.

All this depends on what Labour wants to do. Is Labour going to support the Liberal Democrats? Nominating Town Council candidates is much easier than District with two signatures needed from each ward.

Labour has a difficult decision. By not putting up candidates they are effectively supporting the Liberal Democrats. Put candidates up and they could left the Conservatives in. On the other hand not putting candidates up means Labour becomes an irrelevant political party in St Neots.

If I was Labour I would put as many candidates at the Town Council elections as I could. This would spoil the party for the Liberal Democrats. It would also put a marker down to the other parties that Labour is back in the game.

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