Friday, September 10, 2010

No elected Mayor!

As predicted, the Conservatives have come up with the idea of no change to the executive arrangements to HDC. They looked pretty scared that someone who is not part of a political party could be elected Mayor. Though in reality the likelihood of this is very low.

HDC wrote to Parish Councils asking for their views on this matter. 12 replied. These are Parish Councillors giving views on the role of District Councillors. Where the public wrote in this was 4 for Executive Leader and 4 for elected Mayor. 8 out of 160,000 residents replied. Not very good on the public side. Though I would say reading the explanation of the Executive Leader/ Elected Mayor it was strongly slanted to Executive Leader.

Without any groundwell of support any campaign for Elected Mayor is dead. The change now is the reversion of the Executive Leader - Cabinet model back to a Committee based system.

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