Monday, September 27, 2010

So who did save "us" £400?

In researching background about the lie HDC has told about its own budget deficit, I found an article in the Councils own magazine District Wide which shows what a mess it has got itself into over the narrative.

In the March 2009 issue of District Wide, HDC said the following:

 "We have looked after our finances, and we have been able to keep Council Tax significantly below the average for many years."

So according to HDC it is HDC that has kept Council Tax much lower than average. 18 months later and now the previous Labour Government was to blame for stopping HDC putting up the Council tax to avoid the deficit. Doh!
In reality it was the previous Labour Government which used the threat of capping to keep Council Tax down not the Conservative run HDC which complained it wasn't able to increase Council Tax. So it was the previous Labour Government who kept our Council tax low not HDC.

Nowhere in the March 2009 article was there anything about blaming the Government for stopping Council Tax rises. It was all about how good HDC was in keeping Council Tax down. The narrative has changed from keeping Council Tax low to blaming the previous Labour Government and the economic situation for the deficit.

Whilst there are many financial pressures (and the previous Labour Government was a major contributor) it is the inaction of the Conservative run HDC which caused this deficit. Cuts needed to happen. Adding to the deficit was an easier way rather than actually tackling the deficit.

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