Wednesday, April 7, 2010

And the General Election passes Huntingdon constituency by!

Thought I would take a look at the political party websites. First off the incumbent.

Jonathan Djanogly and The Conservatives. has a piece on the Djanogly's relief at campaign start. Huntingdon Conservatives have no change. The St Neots Conservatives are still stuck in 2009, though it has been said it should be 1909.

Moving onto the main contender to Djanogly, the Liberal Democrats. Looking at Martin Land's website there is no change. The Huntingdonshire Liberal Democrats are stuck admiring Vince Cable. The Liberal Democrats St Neots page is stuck in 2008.

Onto the next contender UKIP. Again you would be pushed to find a general election going on here.

Of the other contenders, The Green Party is still stuck in 2009. The governing party, Labour, can't be bothered to change their local website. Lord Toby Jug hasn't got a website. The Independent candidate - Jonathan Salt has a fine website, which most of the local parties would be proud.

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BarryJesus said...

Having met three of the candidates - Djanogly, Land and Salt - Salt is by far the best candidate.

He has the humility and integrity sorely lacking in most MPs, and while I don't agree with a few of the things he stands for, at least he seems to care about Huntingdonshire, local issues and more importantly, what residents are saying.

Djanogly doesn't just sit on the fence on most things, he probably claims for it too, while the Lib Dems put more emphasis on political point scoring than actually doing anything useful.

That's all I want really, someone who cares about Hunts and will be transparent on stuff like expenses.

So it's a shame he cant win as he's not wearing a blue rossette.