Thursday, April 22, 2010

Either Vote For Djanoglys' Expenses or Vote Against.

With the candidates all nominated and accepted I will nail my flag to the mast once more. Generally I would be regarded as a right wing liberal. At this election my mind and instincts are to vote Conservative to get rid of this rotten Labour Government. Normally, I would be very happy too. The MPs' expenses changed all that. 
And that is my problem with Djanogly. I feel if you claim public money you should be accountable for its use. I feel Djanogly didn't want his constituents to know what expenses he claims. Djanogly talks much about Government transparency but when it comes to his expenses and parliamentary office expenses this transparency becomes opaque.

I don't care how wealthy Djanogly is. I don't care whether he lives in a large house or who owns the property.  If he didn't claim taxpayer's money then this should be private. But having claimed taxpayer's money I believe he must be transparent about his secondary home in Alconbury and his primary semi-detached 5 storey house  in an exclusive part of Westminster.

When I did ask him about his expenses I was referred to Legg and the House of Commons authorities. Again opaque and not transparent. He is also not transparent over his living arrangements. When Djanogly says:

".....and live in the constituency together with my son and daughter."

I have to ask what is does "live" mean? In another blog entry I examined this and I do believe it is true to say that Djanogly, his wife Rebecca and their son and daughter do "live" in the constituency. I also found it could equally be said they "live" in London in their primary home and where their children go to school.

If Djanogly had held a public meeting I would have a different view of him. If Djanogly was transparent rather than being opaque I would have a different view of him. My view is very simple. I feel Djanogly is not transparent and is very opaque with Taxpayer's money and as he didn't hold a public meeting to explain his expenses I will not be voting for Djanogly.

This is the only time voters can oust Djanogly from this seat and send a message to Parliament. If Djanogly is re-elected this is seen as a vindication of Djanogly's action over his expenses and wipes the slate clean. Djanogly could then say, quite rightly, the electorate have been given this information and they have re-elected me

In protest I will be voting for Jonathan Salt.

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