Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hospital could be election key

The front page sets the scene for the General election campaign in the Huntingdon constituency. Labour's Anthea Cox gets a good run out even though her campaign has yet to lift off.

Jonathan Salt is the dark horse in this campaign. With a good looking campaign website this seems to be be more credible than Liberal Democrat Martin Land (Tories are closet racists and homophobes).

It is a great pity that neither Ian Curtis (UKIP) nor John Clare (Green Party) weren't able to respond to the start of the campaign. Not a good start for them.

Jonathan Salt (Independent) campaign is off with a flying start. Good for him.

Just one error is the last sentence of the article. Nominations for local elections close on 8th April. The nominations close for the General Election on 20th April.

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Matt Cornish said...

Error noted, correction will go in next week.
Apologies to all, and thanks for highlighting this.
Matt Cornish
News and Crier