Monday, April 12, 2010

Councillors' Expenses

Now I'm one who feels we should pay our politicians. Otherwise they can hide behind the illusion of being unpaid and doing it for the good of the community. This doesn't help in holding our politicians into account. Looking at the 2008/09 expenses claims for HDC Councillors I have noticed one obvious point. Why are 2/3rds of the Councillors getting some sort of Special Responsibility Allowance? That is 36 out of 52 councillors claiming this additional allowance. With the prospect of readjustment during 2010 this total is likely to increase this total. There is something wrong where the majority of Councillors get a responsibility allowance.

£6.1 million deficit and the Councillors are being paid so much. I still say they should cut their pay and allowances until the deficit is gone.

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Anonymous said...

more to the point what's Special Responsibility for