Thursday, April 15, 2010

My comments on letters in the St Neots News and Crier - 15/04/2010

Hospital is the key issue - Having a go a Djanogly over his views on Hinchingbrooke franchising is off the mark. If you believe this is wrong then DON'T vote Labour. Voting Labour means you agree with Hinchingbrooke franchising.

'I'll take half MP's wage' - Lord Toby Jug makes a good case for voting for him. What is really revealing is Lord Toby Jug owns a purse.

Give 'forlorn' town a break - Daniel Cornwell misses the point. Business rates are collected by HDC for onwards transmission to HMRC. HDC is therefore making a decision that doesn't hurt it finacially.

County takes most cash - DW Steddy is right about paying for paying for car parking elsewhere in the country. With a £6.1 million deficit HDC needs all the money.

Support staff are important - I was watching Labour minister Ed Balls telling the press about the cuts that would happen under a Conservative Government. Pity Balls doesn't admit to the Labour cuts already happening!

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