Thursday, April 15, 2010

Result not in doubt?

I disagree with Ian MacKellar's analysis of the General Election. He misses the point. The Conservatives have majorities which need to be looked after rather than going after other parties supporters.

In previous elections the Conservative supporters had only one place to go to PROTEST. Normally this would be the Liberal Democrats. The rise of UKIP at the Euro elections was due mainly to them being used as a protest vote by Conservative supporters. Not that the Liberal Democrats faired much better.

What has also got to be looked at is Martin Land (Liberal Democrat) and his "Tories are closet homophobes and racists" outburst. This shows such disdain for Conservative voters he is unlikely to get them. As Agent to many other candidates I do wonder whether this colours his judgement over their campaigns. The Liberal Democrats need to encourage Conservative supporters to vote for them. They are simply not doing this. 

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Blue)_ said...

Seven pages about election then they pretty much tell us it's all pointless anyway. Brilliant.

However, I think Martin Land's appalling start to the campaign has indeed removed the greatest threat to the Conservatives.

As a traditional Conservative voter, I'm looking for someone else as Djanogly is the most unimpressive, fence-sitting MP I've ever seen.
He has no passion for what he does, has no new ideas and is far too comfortable in his safe seat. I'm disappointed that the local party reselected him after his non-apology for his greedy expense claims.

UKIP aren't a viable alternative as they're clearly mad.
So it's Salt or Lord Toby for me.